Saturday, September 6, 2008

Review's of StraberryNet Cosmetics website

"An easy and satisfying shopping experience. Perhaps it should be highlighted more that if you choose the non signed delivery then this takes much longer and cannot be tracked. Otherwise would shop again definitely. The offer of a refund of taxes if due is a good one and much appreciated."

"I've made seven purchases now & all have been a very good experience with excellent pricing. They may not always have the product I want available but when they do, it's a great price & top quality, name brand (same as in the department stores). No Shipping charges make it even better deal. Merchandise always arrives within good time frame & packaged nicely. I highly recommend doing business at this site."

"Using the site and the Product I was hunting compared with several other sites was easy , fast and precise. Thanks for making my FIRST purchase with your company so easy"

"An exceptionally easy shopping experience! First time buyer, and pleasantly surprised by the selection, site ease-of-use, pricing, and total order entry completion time. Looking forward to repeating!"

"I have used this site several times and have always been very happy. I love the fact that I can trust them to send a present to the other side of the world, giftwrapped with a card. What more can you ask for?"

"Today, a colleague at work introduced the rest of the office (all women) to StrawberryNet. For the next hour or more, the room was disturbingly silent while we all poured through the perfumes and make up available. StrawberryNet was incredibly easy to use, and we found the currency tab was very helpful. We were almost too scared to email our girlfriends about StrawberryNet in the fear that it was too good to be true, and if everybody knew about it, it would no longer be as cheap! Free postage is what really drew me in. Ive shopped on EBay for perfumes for the last year, and always end up paying large amounts of money for shipping, which almost makes the purchase seem a waste of time. Overall, StrawberryNet was easy to use, the prices were fantastic - and everybody in this office except one person ordered prefumes!"

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